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The dangers of unblocking a drain yourself

Mar 07, 2019

Have you ever considered unblocking a drain yourself without the hassle of having to call in a plumber? While this may seem like an easy option, you may not have considered how potentially dangerous this may be and the horrific consequences it may cause. Read More

How to prevent your very own Fatberg

Jan 11, 2019

You may have seen an article in the media lately about a gigantic fatberg discovered in a drain in the south of England. The 64 metre long mass made of grease, fat, oil, food scraps, rubbish and sewage is clogging up a drain in the pretty seaside town of Sidmouth, Devon. Read More

Why should I get a drain inspection?

Feb 19, 2018

Most people happily live their lives without ever thinking about what's going on underneath their house. We're not talking about the worms or the soil quality, we're talking about the drains and pipes which take sewage and stormwater from your home. Read More

Is it OK to flush flushable wet wipes?

Aug 30, 2017

We've all seen them on the supermarket shelves, there are wipes for just about everything you could possibly need to do, from removing your makeup to cleaning the car. The popularity of this handy modern convenience has soared in recent years with one in four Sydneysiders using the 'flushable' style of wipes.  Read More

When do I need to call an emergency plumber?

May 19, 2017

Sometimes it's difficult to work out what constitutes a plumbing emergency and what can wait until the next day for attention. Often things go wrong in the middle of the night and quick decisions have to be made about what to do and who to contact. Read More

How to prevent clogged drains

Mar 16, 2017

Prevention is always better than cure. This rule applies to just about anything, colds, cars, clogged drains and so much more. If you were fortunate enough to be a kid before the 90's you probably experienced the disgusting taste of real medicine, (before they made it taste like lollies). Every time you had to drink that foul tasting liquid disguised as cough syrup you vowed to always wear your jumper and wash your hands like your mother told you to. Mum was very wise, she knew all about prevention (even if it was only half true). Read More

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