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Thermal Imaging

Need to locate a pipe or water leak?

Our thermal imaging cameras are used to detect a number of plumbing issues, which if left undetected, could prove to be very costly and even dangerous. It is the perfect tool to detect blocked or broken pipes and other plumbing related issues.

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By running hot water through the pipes, the heat from the water radiates and the problem areas become clearly visible on a thermal image. Even if the pipes are laid under the floor or inside a wall, it’s possible to detect the exact location of any plumbing problems or leaks.

Thermal Imaging CameraOur thermal imaging cameras can be used for the following:

  • Locate hot pipes in walls (plastic or copper)
  • Locate cold pipes in walls
  • Trace burst pipes in walls
  • Search for roof leaks
  • Locate insulation in walls and ceiling
  • Find floor heating wires in bathrooms
  • Testing water temperature
  • Uncovering dampness in walls and floors
  • Leaking detection - from shower bases and bath seals
  • Finding energy leaks through windows and doors
  • Testing solar hot water panels
  • Uncovering leaks from air conditioning units
  • Measuring pipe re-liner resin temperature
  • Locating blockages in aerial stack work
Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging services can save you time and money by detecting costly plumbing problems precisely and easily allowing our team to fix leaks with the least amount of fuss and time.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging?

Detect Plumbing Issues

Blockages in pipes may be quickly located and addressed with a thermal imaging camera – enabling immediate response if required. The use of this non-destructive technology provides for proactive action to be taken – before the problem worsens.

Non-Invasive/Non-Destructive Testing

Thermal Imaging enables us to attend to repairs quickly, easily and safely and minimises the need for building disassembly – this means minimal repair time, labour costs and disturbance for you.


The thermal imaging experts

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