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Who to contact if there's a gas leak

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 Who to contact if there's a gas leak

It's extremely important to proceed with caution if you suspect there is a gas leak in or around your property.

  • Never check for a leak using a match or lighter
  • Never operate electrical equipment around the leak
  • Never turn on or off lights, use a phone, or a torch near the leak
  • Never use any sort of flame including a cigarette, lighters or matches close to the gas leak
Who to contact if there's a gas leak

Leak in the main gas line

If you think the leak is in the pipe connecting your home to the natural gas supply on the street or at the meter itself, move well away from the leak and call your distributor (the relevant company will be listed on your gas bill).

  • Australian Gas Networks - Gas Leaks and Emergency services on 1800 427 532
  • Jemena - Faults and Emergencies 131 909

Gas leak in the home

Gas leaking from pipes from the meter on or appliances within your home must be reported to a licenced gas fitter for prompt repairs.

  • Shut off all gas appliances in the home, including pilot lights.
  • Natural gas - shut off the main gas valve or 
  • LPG - close the gas cylinder valve
  • Open all your doors and windows to allow the gas to clear from the building
  • Call a licenced gas fitter immediately to locate the source of the leak and carry out repairs. Pure Plumbing Professionals offers a 24-hour emergency plumbing and gas fitting service call 9191 7374, any time of the day or night.

Please note - LPG is heavier than air so will sink to the bottom of the room around the floor which is why it is important to open doors as well as windows to allow the gas to dissipate. Always be mindful of your home security when opening up your home to clear out the gas.

Who's responsible?

Your natural gas distributor (who is often different from your gas retailer eg AGL or Origin) is responsible for the main gas line until it reaches your meter, as well as the meter itself.

The property owner is responsible for the repair of a leak in the gas pipe from the meter throughout the property as well as leaks from gas appliances, eg hot water system, stove, oven etc.

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