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Bosch Hot Water Sydney

Quality Bosch gas and heat pump systems

Bosch's premium hot water systems offer a versatile water heating choice for any sized home or businesses. The extensive instantaneous gas range, plus the substantial heat pump options, meaning there's a perfect Bosch hot water heater for your needs. The Pure Plumbing Professionals team supply, install, repair, and maintain the range of Bosch water heating systems.

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Continuous flow gas hot water

Available in natural gas or LPG, continuous hot water systems are an extremely efficient water heating choice only heating water as it's used, it reducing running costs and providing an eco-friendly gas heater option. Benefits of Bosch instant gas hot water heaters:

  • compact, space saving design
  • 6+ Star energy ratings
  • individual temperature controllers for use throughout the home
  • select models use condensing technology which captures otherwise wasted heat to preheat the incoming cold water making them more than 90% efficient.
  • internal or external options
  • pilot ignition models don't require power which makes them ideal for difficult installations
  • the commercial range offers an instant hot water solution for even the largest of homes or busy businesses.
Bosch Sydney

Heat pump systems

The Bosch Compress 3000 heat pump hot water heater achieves what many others have struggled with, it provides a reliable heat pump system for use in colder climates. It also:

  • operates in temperatures as low as -7°C
  • is energy efficient
  • uses up to 65% less energy than traditional electric storage systems
  • extracts heat from the surrounding air to warm the water for your home even on very cold days
  • is eligible for STC government rebates
  • features noise reduction mode and smart controls for programming
  • offers simple, low-cost installation
  • is a multi-award winning product

Bosch hot water system service

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