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Why should I get a drain inspection?

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 Why should I get a drain inspection?

Most people happily live their lives without ever thinking about what's going on underneath their house. We're not talking about the worms or the soil quality, we're talking about the drains and pipes which take sewage and stormwater from your home.

Believe it or not, finding out what is happening in your drains is a really good idea for many reasons.

Why should I get a drain inspection?

Get the all clear

Emergency plumbing issues always seem to occur on the weekends or after hours, which is why heading off small problems like a partially blocked drain before they can become really big dramas, like a backed up toilet, means you don't have to stop everything to get it fixed, plus you'll save on potentially expensive after-hours fees.

If the drain inspection shows that everything is working fine you can get on with things knowing that they're not going to be an issue in the near future.

Fix the little problems early

Your home plumbing system is a well-oiled machine (so to speak) working seamlessly day in and day out. Most plumbing problems don't usually go from nothing to disaster in a single bound, issues usually get gradually worse over time, building from a small drip or crack to a free running flood over weeks or sometimes months.

A plumbing inspection can pick up the little problems before they become major headaches allowing simple repairs to be carried out by your plumber at a time convenient to you.

Plan ahead

As we mentioned above, plumbing issues don't just pop up overnight. Drain damage, deep underground, is a matter which can take years to develop, especially if it's caused by tree root intrusion or gradual drain collapse. These type of plumbing problems are fairly predictable meaning you can plan ahead for repairs.

This is especially helpful if you live in an older home which requires ongoing maintenance across all aspects of the house, some of which can be a significant investment.

Building or renovating

A comprehensive CCTV drain inspection will provide a full plan of where all the drains and pipes are located on your property. This is essential information if you are building or renovating your home. The location of your drains could have a significant influence on the construction plan or the design of your project.

There's already a problem

Slow draining toilets and sinks can indicate that there is already blockage in your drains stopping the water from escaping easily. A drain inspection can quickly uncover the cause of the problem as well as it's exact position allowing your plumber to carry out targetted repairs, saving time and money.

Your local plumber can let you know if a drain inspection would benefit your specific property. However, if your home is more than 10 years old an inspection is a great idea if only to let you know that everything is peachy and working like clockwork.


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