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Installation, repairs and servicing

Our experienced hot water team offer a range of storage hot water system services including installation, repairs and maintenance. All of the leading brands, styles, and models catered for, specialising in Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, and Bosch. Gas, electric, solar and heat pump options available.

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Energy efficient hot water heaters

Storage hot water systems, especially electrically powered models, have had a bit of a bad name for many years due to the large power consumption. However, modern systems offer increased energy efficiency, 5 Star energy rating options (gas), and sustainably powered solar and heat pump units.

Expert advice

Finding the right hot water system for your home can take some research. Many variables can affect the style and model which will provide your home with ample hot water whilst keeping energy costs to a minimum.

We have put together a handy guide to choosing the perfect hot water system for your needs in 3 easy to follow parts.

Points to consider when buying a new hot water system:

Whether you're upgrading an old storage system or installing a new unit, our plumbing team can provide expert advice on the best hot water system for your families needs.

Storage hot water unit - Rinnai

Electric water heater repairs

We can carry out a large selection of hot water system repairs from replacing the sacrificial anode, fixing element or thermostat issues and pilot light problems.

Hot water too hot or too cold? Fitting your storage hot water heater with a tempering valve ensures water is delivered to the taps in your home at a consistent temperature (often 50°C).

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