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Who are the best gas suppliers in NSW?

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 Who are the best gas suppliers in NSW?

As the days start to get shorter and the cold nights start to creep in, you are probably considering getting out the heater from the cupboard or turning the air-conditioner from cool to warm for a little extra heating help. But, with the cooler weather comes growing gas bills with the increased use of heaters and hot water to keep you warm. It’s also the perfect time to review your current provider to ensure you don’t get any nasty gas bill surprises once winter has finished and, as we know that gas supplier research isn’t exactly your favourite thing to do, we thought we’d help you out with a little bit of helpful info. No need to thank us!

Who are the best gas suppliers in NSW?

Changes in gas price regulations

In 2017, there was a major change in gas price regulations… and by major changes we mean they were removed. With this revoking came some positives and some negatives, including more gas suppliers on the market (but more confusing to choose!) but a likely decrease in gas price due to competitive industry pressure. So, in order to try and make things a little clearer, we have set out a few gas suppliers in NSW for you to consider when comparing gas retailers.

Gas suppliers NSW

There are around 10 or so gas suppliers in NSW, with a lot of them offering both power and gas services to many households. The ‘big three’ are Origin, AGL and Energy Australia, however, alternatives such as Red Energy are becoming a staple in the gas market alongside the big names. But, how good are they… really?

Origin Energy

One of the big three, Origin Energy is an integrated energy company that offers a large array of options for many different circumstances. They have variable rate plans, as well as the only ‘fixed cost’ deal on the market at the moment (based on your usage for the last 12 months, you will pay a fixed monthly amount irrelevant of how much gas you use and this is assessed every 12 months). Although they offer various discounts for on time payments and are known for an easy sign-up process, they aren’t seen as great value for money and their online tools and advice options are quite poor.


Another of the big three, AGL are known for the various electricity deals but have only 2 gas deals on offer in NSW. One of these deals offers a nice discount if you pay on time and the other does not, however, the non-discounted option has very competitive rates for usage and supply. Although it may seem odd, the no-discount options come out cheaper a lot of the time and AGL do offer a ‘double-discount’ scenario if you have both gas and electricity accounts with them. Although AGL have great clarity when it comes to billing, they are not the best when it comes to environmental sustainability, customer service or value for money. Their online options aren’t great either!

Energy Australia

The last of the big three, Energy Australia, offer a good range of deals when it comes to gas supply, including a 2 year fixed rate plan (which offers great pay on time discounts and the potential for lower rates if the cost of gas goes down, but not so great exit fees). The other variable gas plans that Energy Australia offer have some awesome on time payment discounts, except for one option which just offers lower rates without any applicable discounts. They aren’t known for their environmental sustainability though, which is a big component to people’s choices these days, and their customer service and sign-up process leave a little to be desired. They are great value for money though.

Red Energy

Finally, Red Energy is kind of the outsider in the NSW gas market, being owned by the renewable energy company Snowy Hydro. They are heavily focused on environmental sustainability, which is a bit plus for a lot of people, and keep things pretty simple when it comes to their gas plans (basically whether you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer Member or not). All plans are variable, without exit fees and no contract, and they also have a pretty good rewards program, including money off things such as movie tickets. Red Energy plans are good value for money and offer great bill and costing clarity, as well as impressive customer service. Their sign-up system isn’t the best (it’s not bad though!) but otherwise, they are a solid gas supplier choice.

Other options

There are a variety of other providers on the gas market, which include Alinta Energy, Amaysim, Click, CovaU, Dodo Power & Gas and Simply Energy. All retailers offer varying options to suit many different needs, meaning one of the above listed major suppliers may not be the ideal option for you and a smaller competitor may be more suitable. In saying this, a lot of these other options are probably worthwhile keeping an eye on for the short and medium term, as the NSW gas market is becoming more and more competitive as the years tick by. They may not be the ideal option right now, but they will likely become a lot more prominent in years to come.

The Verdict

The less-known Red Energy appears to be the best option currently available in NSW, with its focus on environmental sustainability being a big plus for a lot of customers. This is not to say that the other providers are not worthwhile, however, Red Energy is a customer favourite for many. It is worthwhile noting however that not all providers will be suitable for you and your circumstances, as each household is different, so do your research and you will find an option that is best for you!

If you have any questions regarding gas fitting, give our qualified team a call on 0488 801 003 or complete an online job booking form and we can arrange for someone to assist you. We are your local gas specialists, so get in contact today!

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and should not be read on its own. Please ensure you speak to the relevant qualified parties and complete your own research to make sure you choose the suitable gas supplier for your circumstances.


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