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Comprehensive stormwater & sewer pipe relining services

Take the stress out of dealing with drain repairs, give our experienced plumbing team a call for no-dig pipe relining and pipe patching services in Sydney. Remove the need to dig up large sections of established infrastructure such as roads, driveways, paths, buildings or gardens by using trenchless pipe repairs.

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Use a CCTV pipe inspection to uncover the problem

Getting a precise idea of what is causing blocked drains allow you & your plumber to make informed decisions about drain repairs and pipe relining. A comprehensive CCTV drain inspection will present a clear picture of the health of your drains and any issues, current or potential, which need to be addressed.

Carry out repairs using pipe relining & patching

Unblocking a drain is often only half the answer, ensuring the problem doesn't reoccur in a few months or years is also essential to providing a long-term solution. Pipe relining or, for smaller sections of damaged drain pipe patching, implements a strong, permanent layer inside the existing pipe without needing to dig up large sections your property.

No-dig pipe repairs such as pipe relining and patching provide a cost-effective answer to tree root intrusion, crushed or cracked pipes and leaking drains, especially when they are located below established infrastructure such as roads, paths, landscaping, driveways, and buildings.

Pipe relining or pipe patching - Which one is right for your drain?

Cutout in concrete slab with new pipe
Cutting concrete for pipe replacement or repairs can be a time consuming job

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining places a new, ultra-strong, lining on the inside of broken, cracked or leaking pipes essentially creating a new pipe within the old one. The advantage of pipe relining over the traditional dig up and replace method is that it can be done without excavating large trenches across your property and disturbing everything in the way.

A full explanation of the pipe relining process can be found here - What is pipe relining?

Broken pipe

Benefits of drain or pipe relining

  • Fast - most repairs can be carried out in hours rather than days
  • Minimal digging - removes the need to dig up large areas of drains
  • Less damage to gardens and infrastructure - saves trees, gardens, lawns, and driveways
  • Permanent solution - stops tree root intrusion permanently
  • Small or large repairs - can be used on a small section of pipe or a whole line.
  • Long lasting - the new pipe lining is tough, durable, watertight and will last over 50 years

Quality pipe relining materials offer a long-term pipe repair solution for your home or business.

Find out more about the pros and cons of pipe relining here - Pipe relining - what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Take a look at this pipe relining project we carried out under a house in Sydney:

A long term repair solution for every drain

Pipe relining can be carried out on all types of drains from sewer pipes to stormwater drains, anywhere on your property, even under roads or within building foundations.

What can be repaired using this method of drain repairs?

  • broken pipe lines
  • pipes with multiple bends or 45° to 90°
  • repairs from 1 metre to 100 metres in length
  • pipes sized from 40mm to 300mm
  • dislocated pipes
  • reducers
  • P and S pipe bend traps
  • pipe junctions
  • downpipes

Find out more about our pipe relining solutions for recurring blocked drains.

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Quality, long-lasting pipe relining Sydney

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