Water Tank Installation

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Rainwater tank installation Sydney

Looking for a new rainwater tank for an affordable price that will make your water bills cheaper? Maybe you’re just looking for repairs to an old rainwater tank. Whatever the tank size or job, the Pure Plumbing Professionals team are here to meet your rainwater harvesting needs. Our plumbers are all fully qualified and have an outstanding reputation for reliability and expertise, which is why we are trusted by the locals.

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Why install a rainwater tank?

Rain water tanks are a great resource for your home or business during times of drought and water restrictions but also when rain is in good supply. Collected rainwater can be used throughout your property for:

  • Drinking water
  • Washing clothes
  • Flushing the toilet
  • Watering the garden
  • Washing the car

Utilising water from the tank means you’re cutting down on mains water use, which can present significant savings on your quarterly water bill.

Water Tank Installation Sydney

There is a huge range of rainwater collection options available including:

  • Round or square tanks
  • Slimline water tanks - ideal for homes with limited space
  • Steel tanks or poly style
  • Underground tanks - can be fitted under homes, driveways or garden beds
  • Underdeck style tanks

Professional water tank installation

If your water tank is not installed by a licensed plumber, there is a wide range of complications that may become a concern for you and your family in the future. It may seem cheaper initially, however, overtime if there is a problem with the water supply or storage, the damage may be far more expensive and difficult to fix than hiring a professional plumber in the first place. To stop this from happening, contact our experienced plumbing team for a reliable water storage tank installation.

Why choose our team to install your water storage tank?

Have you ever hired a plumber before who was late, unprofessional, or did an ordinary job? Chances are you have, which is why the plumbers from Pure Plumbing Professionals work hard to meet all of your needs with excellence and expertise. We can and will go beyond what is necessary to meet our client’s water tank requirements.

Our dedication to our clients has been recognised on numerous occasions, such as when Pure Plumbing Professionals won the Local Business Awards Business Person of the Year Award in 2017 or when our company was the Trades and Services Award winners in 2018. These awards demonstrate the quality and reliability of our services to the community and are also motivation to keep our standards high.

Take a look at Sydney Water’s rainwater maintenance tips - sydneywater.com.au

Your local tank installation specialist Sydney

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