Leak Detection

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Water leak detection services

Had a jump in the water bill? Your home could be experiencing a water leak. A broken pipe won't always gush out of the wall, often water leaks are invisible and can go undetected for months at a time potentially causing extensive damage to your property. Our experienced plumbing team can find the source of the leak and carry out repairs quickly.

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Sewer or stormwater drain leak

Uncovering a leak in the drainage system is important for several reasons. Leaks allow moisture out of the pipe into the surrounding soil, if the leak is occurring in a sewer drain you risk raw sewage seeping into the surrounding area. Any cracks or breaks in a pipe also encourage tree and plant roots to follow the water source into the pipe creating a potential drain blockage.

A CCTV drain inspection can uncover any potential leaks in the drains around your property allowing for targeted repairs or pipe patching.

Using thermal imaging to find water leaks

Thermal imaging can be used to find leaks within walls and flooring, including area's which are only just beginning to show the effects of damp or moisture. We can get to the problem before significant damages occur with thermal image camera leak detection.

How do you know you've got a water leak?

Water leaks can occur throughout your home plumbing at any stage including:

  • in the mains water line before your meter
  • along the water pipe to the building
  • at the hot water system (including roof mounted solar hot water systems)
  • within the building; inside walls, cabinets, flooring or ceiling space
  • at fixtures such as taps or shower heads
  • within appliance fittings like washing machine or dishwasher hoses, water filters, garbage disposal systems, sprinkler systems
  • drain pipes and connections - sewer or stormwater

What to look for if you suspect you have a water leak:

  • water meter ticking over when all the taps are off and no water using appliances are in use (washing machine, dishwasher etc)
  • damp spots around the garden or inside the walls, flooring, cabinets, or ceiling
  • an unexplained increase in your water bill
  • dripping sounds or hissing sounds from within wall cavities or roof void.
  • water pooling under the dishwasher, washing machine or plumbed-in fridge when they're not in use
  • one area of plants or trees in your garden which is growing much faster than others
  • swelling, warping or discoloration of cabinets, benchtops or walls

Plumbing leak detection services in Sydney

Unlike many leak detection services our team of fully qualified plumbers is able to fix the leak once it has been found, providing our customers with a complete water leak solution. Contact Pure Plumbing Professionals to find the leak and fix it too on 0488 801 003 or complete our service request form today.

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