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Gas Hot Water Sydney

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Whether you need a new gas hot water system for a small apartment or a large capacity unit for a big family home Pure Plumbing Professionals the perfect solution for your water heating needs. We offer the supply, installation, repairs, and servicing of all the major brands including Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch.

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With natural gas available to much of the city gas hot water is already a popular choice for many Sydney homes. With the move away from the inefficient old style electric storage hot water systems residents are quickly upgrading to one of the many styles of gas water heaters.

Benefits of gas hot water systems

  • fast - gas burns very hotly which allows the system to heat water quickly
  • energy efficient - with some instant gas models rating at over 90 % efficiency gas can be one of the most cost effective water heating options
  • Eco-friendly - much lower greenhouse gas emissions than electric systems (around 25 to 33% less)
  • never run out - instant systems continually heat the water as you require it
  • available in LPG or natural gas options
  • if you're on a mains gas line a high-efficiency gas system is one of the cheapest hot water options to install and operate


Modern gas storage hot water heaters are much more cost effective to run (compared to the equivalent electric model), they're not restricted by time-of-day tariffs, plus many models have achieved a 4 or 5-star energy rating. Upgrading from an electric to a gas storage system is straight forward, especially if your home is already connected to a natural gas supply.


Also called continuous, instantaneous or tankless gas hot water, these compact units can save you space and energy. There's no power wasted to maintain a large tank above 60° to prevent legionella growth, instant gas heaters only need to heat to 50° (recommended safe delivery temperature) as the water is needed.

The small units fit just about anywhere so it can be installed nearer the point of use, meaning less water wasted waiting for the hot to flow through to the tap.

Plus, you'll never run out!

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