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Gas Heater Service

Gas Heater Service

Stay warm in your home this winter with Pure Plumbing Professionals gas heater services. Our experienced plumbing team offers a complete gas heating service including connection, installation, flue fitting, repairs, and testing.

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Expert advice for your gas heater service

Getting the right heater for the area you need to warm is important. A model which is too small will struggle to raise and maintain the temperature at comfortable levels. While an oversized heater could have you in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter but you'll probably be spending more on power than is really necessary. Plus it is potentially unsafe to fit a large heater in a small, poorly ventilated room.

Our team also specialise in the Rinnai gas heater range from gas fires to flued models.

Gas heater service makes and models 

Our services extend across all styles of LPG and natural gas heating including:

  • Indoor fitted
  • Patio or outdoor fitted
  • Wall heaters
  • Space heater or convection style
  • Radiant models
  • Flued or unflued models
  • Gas log heaters

Gas heater service and maintenance

Carrying out repairs as soon as an issue is noted is very important as leaking or faulty gas heaters can pose a serious safety risk. To ensure your heater is working correctly our gas fitters recommend a yearly maintenance check. Servicing the heater can uncover any malfunction or wear in the gas appliance and fittings enabling repairs before serious issues develop.

Gas heater service Sydney

Contact Pure Plumbing Professionals for all your gas heating installation, repairs and servicing needs throughout Sydney's central and northern suburbs on 9191 7374 or complete our booking request form today.


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