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Pipe relining: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are a plethora of plumbing issues which homeowners are regularly exposed to, which if not foreseen can cause disruption and result in great frustration.

Central to plumbing systems, the constant operation of pipes means problems can naturally occur over time; a result of occurrences such as residue buildup, poor homeowner care, and wear in the structure.

Serious issues can arise in pipes in the blink of an eye: tree-root intrusion, cracks, and blocked drains to name a few. All are a result of weaknesses in its structure, which can luckily be remedied in a quick, cost-effective way thanks to something called pipe relining.

Pipe relining is a modern-day method of repairing damaged pipes. As the name implies, the pipes are relined, placing a strong inner lining inside the old pipe without digging the damaged pipe up.

This option of drain repairs offers a practical solution, especially in drains located in hard-to-access areas of your premises. Struggling with blocked drains? Our drain plumbers can help.

In this article, we’ll analyse the pros and cons of pipe relining.

Pipe Relining

Advantages of pipe relining

In terms of the benefits of pipe relining, the list is comprehensive:

Relining the pipe can be the inexpensive option

The cost involved with relining your pipes will most likely be affordable to you, especially in comparison to the traditional process (which involves heavier machinery, more time on the job & clearing of structures that have been dismantled).

Often no extensive digging is required

Older methods involve the digging of trenches, which increases not only the cost, effort, and time spent on the job, it poses a risk of property damage. Considering the pipe relining process doesn’t require any digging, those risks are mitigated.


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Pipe relining is usually a quick process

Domestic pipe relining doesn’t take long at all. How long the relining process takes can vary from case to case; however, in most instances, the entire job can be completed within a single working day. That’s conducive to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and overall satisfaction.

Long-lasting results

No dig pipe repairs are performed using a specially formulated resin that is built to last. Once internally cured to the piping structure, the new casing is highly durable, minimising the chance of aforementioned problems occurring, at least for a substantial period of time. Its anti-corrosive build is optimally sealed, meaning leaks aren’t an issue.

Environmentally responsible

Leaking pipes pose an environmental hazard. Combatting this with a pipe relining solution facilitates efficient drainage, reducing the potential risk posed. In addition to this, the lack of digging operation means lower energy consumption. From start to finish, you’re lessening your grip on our fragile environment.

And the disadvantages of pipe relining

The only notable disadvantage to no dig pipe relining is that it can’t always be performed. In the case of significant pipe damage, larger gaps in can make the moulding to the structure process all too difficult. On the other side of the coin, if pipe damage is too minimal to warrant a complete reline, pipe patching is an option worth looking into.

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Trenchless pipe relining services in Sydney

Pipe relining isn’t always offered by plumbing and drainage companies. As a service that requires specially trained tradespeople and the appropriate equipment, you should only entrust the experts when it comes to a job as important as this. To discuss any of the information mentioned in this article, or to enquire about our pipe relining services, get in touch today on 9191 7374, or fill in a job booking form.

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