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Hot water tempering valve services

Tempering valves protect residents from scalds and ensure the hot water reaching the taps is a safe, consistent temperature. Our plumbing team offer tempering valve installation services and temperature adjustments for storage hot water systems across Sydney's north.

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How a tempering valve works

A water tempering valve carefully mixes hot and cold water to deliver hot water to your taps at a reduced temperature. They're often fitted to personal hygiene areas such as bathrooms or ensuites to prevent hot water scalding, especially for at-risk individuals such as children or the elderly.

The valve is fitted with a temperature sensitive element which regulates the amount of cold and hot water to achieve the set temperature, even when variations occur in the supply water temperature.

Why do we need a hot water tempering valve?

Storage hot water systems must be set to 60°C+ to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria, such as the Legionella bacteria which can cause Legionnaires' disease, a type of pneumonia. However, at this temperature scalding can occur within seconds which is why we install tempering valves to adjust the temperature of water to a much safer 45-50°C before it reaches the taps.

Tempering Valve
Tempering valve

Tempering valve regulations in NSW

The National Plumbing and Drainage Standard AS/NZS 3500.4: 2003 states - All new heated water installations shall deliver heated water not exceeding -

  • (a) 45°C at the outlet of sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for the aged, sick, children, or people with disabilities in healthcare and aged care buildings, early childhood centres primary and secondary schools, and nursing homes or similar facilities for the aged, sick, children, or people with disabilities; and
  • (b) 50°C at the outlet of sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes for all other situations.

To comply with (a) above you must install a thermostatic mixing valve adjusted to an outlet temperature of 45°C. To comply with (b) above you must install a thermostatic mixing valve, or a tempering valve or a pre-set water heater permanently disabled at 50°C.

Tempering valve installation and adjustments Sydney

Protect your family from hot water accidents by contacting Pure Plumbing Professionals for tempering valve installation services throughout Sydney's northern suburbs. Call 02 8188 5339 or complete our service request form today.

The facts about hot water scalds

The seriousness of scalds or burns depends on the temperature of the water and the time that contact was made with the hot water. There is a significant difference in the time taken to receive a third-degree burn at different temperatures.

Approximate contact times to receive a third-degree burn from hot water:

  • At 70°C – 1/sec adult – 0.5/sec child
  • At 60°C – 5/sec adult – 1/sec child
  • At 55°C – 30/sec adult – 7/sec child
  • Below 50°C – approx. 5 mins adult/child

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