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Pipe patching or pipe relining?

Dec 04, 2019

Pipe damage can often be a difficult and expensive issue that leads to more and more problems. People often try to repairs by investing in cheap temporary fixes like just clearing the drain again and again. Modern technology has introduced the option of resin-based solutions to fix damaged pipes that are difficult to get to. This revolutionary method can be done by the pipe relining or pipe patching method. Read More

​How Sydney’s level 2 water restrictions affect you

Nov 27, 2019

With minimal rain forecast for the next few months and dam levels at around 45%, authorities have decided that on 10 December 2019 the Sydney, Blue Mountains, and Illawarra areas will move to Level 2 Water Restrictions. While many may have experienced the strict water restrictions of the Millenium drought cutting down on home water use could be a new exercise for many. Lots of our customers have questions about how level 2 water restrictions will affect their day to day living so we’ve put together this handy guide. Read More

‘Flushable’ wipes are causing widespread blockages

Aug 13, 2019

As a consumer in Australia, it’s probable that you’re aware of the emergence of wet wipes on supermarket shelves over the past few years. A multi-purpose product, their use as an alternative to toilet paper has become a regularity in Australian households.  Read More

Switch to Natural Gas for Cash Back and a chance to win $500

May 08, 2019

Switching to natural gas has never been easier with the amazing Jemena 2019 Cash Back Offer and the Jemena 2019 Natural Gas Sweepstake promotion. Read More

Who are the best gas suppliers in NSW?

Apr 30, 2019

As the days start to get shorter and the cold nights start to creep in, you are probably considering getting out the heater from the cupboard or turning the air-conditioner from cool to warm for a little extra heating help. But, with the cooler weather comes growing gas bills with the increased use of heaters and hot water to keep you warm. It’s also the perfect time to review your current provider to ensure you don’t get any nasty gas bill surprises once winter has finished and, as we know that gas supplier research isn’t exactly your favourite thing to do, we thought we’d help you out with a little bit of helpful info. No need to thank us!
 Read More

What's the best hot water system?

Apr 30, 2019

Now that it’s creeping closer to those chilly winter months, a hot shower is a staple necessity for any home after a long day at work. To make sure that you aren’t left out in the cold - literally - it is always wise to ensure your hot water system is working to its full potential and is the correct size for your home. And, if the thought of cold showers is enough to give you a mighty scare and you are thinking it might be time for an upgrade, here are a few things to consider before upgrading or installing a new hot water system.  Read More

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