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Save Water by Calculating Wastage

We have all at some point experienced a leaking tap or spout. For the vast majority of people a drip of water is not considered as wasted water. Have you ever thought how much water is wasted if that drip was to be continous for a day, a week, or even until your next bill?.

Introducing the drip calculator. Below our drip calculator will work out how many litres of water are wasted from your dripping tap or spout. The only thing you need to do is take note of how many drips fall from your leak for one minute, input your result and our calculator will do the rest. Be prepared to be shocked.

The Drip Calculator*

How many drips per minute:

0 Litres wasted each day

0 Litres wasted each week

0 Litres wasted each quarter

0 Litres wasted each year

* As there is no definitive volume of a drip we have used ¼ of a ml as the standard volume.
As well as an approximate 4000 drips per litre.

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