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Hiring A Plumber

Do I really need to hire a Plumber? The short answer to this question is yes, you really do need to hire a plumber. With the plethora of informatio...


Pros and cons of in-wall toilet cisterns

This sleek, modern toilet design is the biggest change in toilets since the dual flush. In-wall toilet cisterns (sometimes referred to as a conceal...

TMV vs Tempering Valve - What are they and why do we need them?

Tempering valves and TMV's get mixed up quite a bit so we've put together some facts to help our customers understand what they are and why they sh...

Why does plumbing need to be vented?

Plumbing systems need to be vented to prevent water syphoning out of the drain traps in your home. This system stops sewer gases from the drai...


How to stop a noisy tap

Isn’t it funny how you only notice when your tap is making too much noise, and you never thank it for being wonderfully quiet every time you fill u...

What is backflow testing?

Backflow testing ensures the device is working to protect the drinking water in your area. During a backflow test, your plumber will turn off the d...


Are plumbing leaks covered by insurance?

Ahh, the topic of insurance. We all know that insurance companies can be a little tricky sometimes, and it is always good to know what you are and ...

What plumbing work can I do and when do I need to call a plumber?

What plumbing work can you do? Change a tap washer, yep, that just about covers it. For everything else call a licenced plumber to ensure it's done...

Which way do I turn to tighten plumbing?

Turning the nut or tap clockwise will tighten it whilst turning it counter clockwise will loosen it. An easier way to remember is: Righty Tighty, L...


How to fix a leaking tap

Fix a Leaking Tap 101 So, your tap has been leaking a lot, and you have finally decided to do something about it. Leaking taps can easil...



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