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Burst water pipe repair Sydney

A burst pipe can quickly wreak havoc and cause damage where ever it’s located. Pure Plumbing Professionals emergency plumber is ready to respond to burst water pipe problems in your home or business across Sydney’s northern and central suburbs.

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Burst pipe causes

Pipes blowout for a huge range of reasons but most commonly wear and tear in ageing copper pipes is the cause. The copper becomes brittle and weak over time which can lead to small cracks which, under mains water pressure, can become fountains of destruction within your building or garden.

Another frequent cause is damage from heavy machinery, digging, or garden excavation work. The old ‘shovel in the water pipe’ classic happens all the time when residents are gardening or landscaping.

Burst Pipe Repairs

Common water pipe burst locations

Unfortunately for many homeowners pipes can burst in the least expected places such as under the floor, underground in the front yard, and inside the house in wall cavities and cabinets.

These leaking pipes can slowly (or quickly in some cases) effect damage to the area around the leak. Damaged pipes in walls or cabinets can lead to swelling in plasterboard, cabinetry, as well as mould and mildew growth.

Leaks in the water supply pipes in the garden can cause excessive ground movement, permanent boggy areas, and over watering of plants.

Keep an eye out for wet or damp spots in these areas:

  • Under the bathroom or kitchen sink
  • In walls adjoining wet areas, especially showers
  • Around hot water systems
  • Anywhere in the garden but especially near outside taps
  • Under the house
  • Behind the washing machine

Urgent plumbing repairs

If you discover a burst water pipe in or around your home or business turn the mains supply off at the water meter and give our emergency plumber a call on 0488 801 003 for immediate repairs, any time of the day or night.

Mains water pipe leak

If you suspect the leak is located in the mains water pipe before it joins your meter report the fault to Sydney Water on 13 20 90.

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