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Servicing all the leading hot water system brands

Ensure your hot water system stays reliable every day of the year with a regular service from our experienced plumbers and gas fitters. We service all the leading brands including Rheem, Rinnai, Bosch, Dux, and Vulcan as well as many of the smaller brands.

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Benefits of regular hot water heater servicing

Routine servicing is all about preventing problems and catching issues before they become major breakdowns. All styles of hot water heaters benefit from a yearly professional service.

Servicing can:

  • reduce emergency hot water situations such as leaks and no hot water.
  • extend the life of the unit - a well maintained hot water unit can last at least 10 years, possibly more.
  • sustain efficiency - a faulty or damaged system often has to work harder to provide your home with hot water, increasing the heaters energy consumption, therefore increasing the running cost.
  • identify problems early - replacing a corroded sacrificial anode is a fairly simple repair job, discovering the tank has a hole due to unchecked corrosion can become a costly concern.
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Water heating services offered

Our plumbing and gas fitting team service:

Hot water maintenance

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