Plumbing Maintenance

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Routine maintenance services

Our scheduled plumbing maintenance programs keep your operations running as efficiently and smoothly as possible and prevent small and large scale problems from occurring, saving you unnecessary insurance claims, lost productivity and safety issues. Speak to our plumbing team to set up a program to suit the needs of your business or commercial property today.

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Preventative maintenance solutions

We offer a range of services from waste water system reviews to hot water and TMV testing.

Water sampling

Testing for water borne bacteria such as legionella, giardia, or cryptosporidium.

Backflow testing

Annual testing of backflow prevention device, with results submitted online to Sydney Water and a certificate of compliance issued.

Thermostatic mixing valves

Annual testing of TMV's with compliance reports issued in both CD and hard copy forms. More information on TMV testing.

Drain maintenance

Blocked drains mostly occur at the most inconvenient times. Schedule regular drain maintenance including a CCTV inspection and drain clearing to prevent clogged drains.


We offer routine maintenance solutions for your stormwater drains including drain cleaning, stormwater pit and onsite stormwater detention (OSD) pit cleaning.

Roof and gutter cleaning

Routine cleaning involves removing leaves and garden debris from gutters and gutter valleys, as well as carrying out an inspection of the entire roof for potential leaks and providing a comprehensive report on roof and guttering conditions.

Hot water

A visual inspection of the hot water system storage tank and anode, as well as an operational test of the storage and delivery temperature settings and pressure relief valve.

Grease traps and waste water pretreatment systems

Regular maintenance keeps commercial and industrial waste water systems flowing smoothly.

Under-sink pump out units

Routine servicing of under-sink pump out units helps to prevent problems with the pump and macerator and inhibits the breeding of bacteria which can cause nasty odours and the spread of harmful germs.

Stormwater and sewer pumps

We visually inspect pipework and related ancillary items as well as physically testing the operation of pump components.

Maintenance procedures can be carried out during your businesses downtime or between shifts reducing interruptions to your operation.

Professional plumbing maintenance services

These are just a few of the maintenance programs we offer, for a program tailored to your companies requirements speak to our commercial plumbing team on 0488 801 003 or complete our service request form today.

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