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Clear signs it's time to replace your hot water system

Knowing whether your hot water heater is going to stand up to the pressure through another winter or it’s time to upgrade can be tricky. Luckily th...

Do I need an electrician or a plumber for hot water system issues?

Whether an electrician or plumber will fix it best, it depends Every day, we take for granted our hot water systems. Whether we’re having a pre-wor...

Rheem Gas Hot Water System Troubleshooting

Rheem continuous flow gas hot water systems come in a variety of sizes, and all feature a minimum six-star energy rating and a 10-year warranty on...

Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting

With an innovative focus on the environment, Rinnai have been supplying Australians for the last 40 years with the comfort, convenience and reliab...

Vulcan Hot water system troubleshooting

Vulcan Hot Water Systems offer a quality range of gas and electric Hot water systems for domestic use at some very affordable prices making them o...

Why is there no hot water?

A sudden stop in the supply of hot water to your home can be very distressing. There could be a large number of reasons that your hot water system ...


Cost of hot water systems

Which hot water system is right for you? Your budget will have a big influence on the type hot water system you choose to replace an old unit or in...

Gas vs electric instant hot water systems

Instant hot water systems offer a compact, often energy efficient water heating option. Once you’ve decided instant, also called continuous flow or...

Pros and cons of the different types of hot water systems

Which type of hot water system is right for you? It used to be standard practice that when you needed a new hot water system you looked for the...

TMV vs Tempering Valve - What are they and why do we need them?

Tempering valves and TMV's get mixed up quite a bit so we've put together some facts to help our customers understand what they are and why they sh...

What are the benefits of instant gas hot water systems?

Gas instant hot water systems have many benefits for your home and your budget. We've put together a list of the many advantages of choosing to in...

What size hot water system do I need?

Getting the right sized hot water system for your home is critical. The perfect size will mean rarely running out of hot water, never wasting money...


Do I need to drain my storage hot water system?

Rheem recommends that your plumber drains the hot water tank during the major 5-year service if you live in an area with high water sediment or har...

How often does my hot water system need servicing?

The importance of hot water system maintenance cannot be understated. As a society we’re collectively very reliant of hot water. A vital part of o...


How do hot water systems work?

In Australia, there are 4 main types of heating systems available on the market today and all have their various strengths and weaknesses: How d...

What should the hot water temperature be in my home?

We all know that awesome feeling - we come home after a long day and all we want is a nice, hot shower to step in to. Now, the water that comes out...

Which side is the hot water tap?

The hot water tap is on the left and the cold tap on the right. This rule applies to mixer taps as well with the handle positioned to the left for...




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