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Switch your home to energy efficient solar hot water and save. Rheem solar hot water systems can reduce your home's water heating costs by 65 to 70%. Offering roof mounted or split system solar models, the Rheem range has an eco-friendly option perfect for your home.

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Rheem solar options

Depending on the design of your home either a fully roof mounted system or a split system style, with panels on the roof and storage tank on the ground, can provide your family with year-round hot water. By utilising sustainable solar energy you can reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions as well as save hundreds on your water heating bill each year.

Rheem solar hot water systems are fitted with either gas or electric booster systems to ensure your home always has hot water, even on cloudy days.

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Rheem Hiline and Premier Hiline

The Premier Hiline range is designed specifically for cooler, frost prone areas to provide hot water for your home even when the mercury drops. The Rheem Hiline is perfect for warmer climates in areas with good water quality.

  • 160L, 180L or 300L options
  • gas or electric boosted models
  • eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Rheem Loline and Premier Loline

The ground mounted Loline systems reduce the structural load on your roof while providing energy efficient water heating for your home.

  • offers both continuous gas or electric boosted models
  • the Premier Loline range offers frost protection for use in very cold climates
  • eligible for STCs
  • 160L, 270L, 325L, and 410L options
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Brighte 0% interest payment plan for solar hot water

Pure Plumbing Professionals have partnered with Brighte to provide finance options to help our customers get their Rheem solar hot water system installed sooner. Find out more about using Brighte finance today - Brighte.

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