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Bidet installation may seem like a strange concept, but it is actually becoming more and more popular. Pure Plumbing Professionals, plumbers are experts in bidet installation. We understand that not everyone is familiar with this concept, which is why we take the time to explain everything to our clients and answer any questions they may have.

A bidet can provide a number of benefits for your home, including improved hygiene and comfort. Plus, it can help you save money on toilet paper.

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What is a bidet?

A bidet is a sanitary fixture equipped with a douching device for producing a jet of water, from a point below the rim of the pan, this is a very hygienic way to clean the desired area.

Should you decide to have a bidet installed in your bathroom, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. There have been times when consumers have not been able to purchase toilet paper due to major shortages of this essential household product, this is largely due to supply and demand. However, this will not be an issue if you have a bidet as there is no need for toilet paper if you have a high-quality bidet installed. Plus, you'll also save money on your weekly grocery costs.


Advantages of using a bidet

Bidets are an incredibly comfortable and hygienic way to clean yourself after using the toilet.

  • You'll be cleaner: A bidet can help you clean yourself better than traditional toilet paper. It removes more faecal matter and reduces the amount of bacteria on your skin.
  • You'll save money: Bidets use less toilet paper, which means you'll need to buy less TP in the long run.
  • You'll help the environment: Using a bidet cuts down on the amount of toilet paper needed each year, which reduces environmental waste.
  • They're comfortable: Bidets provide a more comfortable cleaning experience than traditional TP.

You can either install a bidet in your existing toilet or have a separate unit installed. Note - you will need to have adequate floor space and the appropriate plumbing available for this option.

In many cases, if you have a normal flushing toilet you can have a bidet installed.

Backflow prevention for bidets

A toilet seat douche or bidet must comply with AS/NZS 3500 Part 1 Water Services Clause prevent backflow.

What is backflow?

The term backflow refers to the reverse flow of unwanted contaminated water that makes its way into the main water supply from either a residential or commercial system. This contaminated water will contaminate the main supply if contact between the two is made.

A backflow prevention device is installed to stop cross-contamination from occurring by not allowing the contaminated water to head back into the main supply.

Who can install a backflow prevention device for a bidet?

A licensed plumber is the only person who can install a backflow prevention testing device.

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