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Blocked Drains FAQs

All the answers to your blocked drain related questions in the one place.

  • Are wet wipes OK to flush?

    No. Never. Don't do it.

    Wet wipes are a huge problem for homeowners and councils across the country. They don't break down in the sewage system like toilet paper does and are a major contributor of many blocked drains.

    Our plumbers unblock drains each week which have become clogged with wet wipes. 

    Despite what manufacturers tell you wet wipes are not flushable. If you use wet wipes (even the ones which claim to be flushable) put them in the rubbish bin.

  • How do I know my sewer is clogged?

    Warnings signs that your sewer drains could be blocked or blocking up:

    • bad odours coming from the drains
    • a slow draining sink or bath
    • waste water coming back up the sink drain
    • a tree, bush, or plants around the drain growing much faster than others in the garden (a cracked drain can provide a great source of water for plants which send roots into the drain to absorb the moisture causing the pipe to block)
    More information here - Signs your sewer drain is clogged
  • How do I report a blocked drain to council?

    If you notice sewage coming from a manhole on the road or a public footpath, or a burst water pipe in the street, contact Sydney Water on 13 20 90 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Blocked drains on private property are the property owners responsibility and a licenced plumber should be called to clear the blocked drains.

    Our emergency plumber is on hand for all your urgent plumbing needs throughout Sydney's central and northern suburbs 24/7 on 9191 7374.

  • How do I stop my drains from blocking up?

    Averting blocked drains is a much easier task than unclogging them. Stop your drains from blocking up by:

    • using sink drain strainers
    • not pouring oil, grease and fat down the drain
    • regularly clearing your gutters and stormwater drains
    More great drain tips - How to prevent clogged drains
  • How do you clear blocked drains?

    Pure Plumbing Professionals use state of the art drain cleaning equipment such as high-pressure water jetters and sewer drain cameras to clear your blocked drains. You can have the peace of mind that the job has been done right the first time. We can even record a copy of your drains and give it to you on a DVD just in case future problems occur.

  • Who to call for a blocked toilet?

    Call a plumber.

    Here's the number of a professional, reliable plumber if you live in Sydney's north or eastern suburbs, the CBD or the northern beaches - 9191 7374.

    They even offer an emergency plumbing service so if your toilet is blocked after hours or on the weekend they can unblock it.

  • Why are plumbing vents needed?

    A plumbing vent is an essential component of your home plumbing system.

    The vent:

    • allows the drain to flow well
    • prevents gurgling in the drains
    • prevents water syphoning out of the trap which can allow sewer smells back up the drain
    • safely removes bad sewer gasses from the home
  • Why does my plumbing smell like rotten eggs/sulfur?

    Smelly drains can be caused by a huge range of issues. Some possible causes include:

    • a dry trap
    • a build up of grease, fat, or debris in the drain
    • a blocked drain or partially clogged drain
    • damaged pipes
    • faulty plumbing installations
    • dirty garbage disposal systems
    • food debris in the dishwasher
    Ongoing bad odours should be checked by your plumber.

    For more information and tips on getting rid of stinky drains - Why do my drains smell?

  • Why does plumbing need to be vented?

    Plumbing needs to be vented to prevent water syphoning out of the traps and allowing gas from the sewer pipes to enter the home through the drains in the bath, sink, and toilet etc. They also provide an avenue for sewer gasses to escape from the pipes to the outside.

    Got a blocked drain? Contact our team today on 9191 7374 or complete our service request form.

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