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Blocked Drains Sydney North

Have a blocked drain that needs unblocking?

Blocked DrainA blocked drain can be a serious matter for your home or workplace. A poorly functioning sewerage system can cause a range of unwanted problems. These include:

  • Blocked toilets and sinks
  • Negative health effects on occupants
  • Foul smelling environment
  • Increased bacterial and germ presence
  • Breeding ground for disease-causing insects like mosquitoes
  • Potential flooding during rainy seasons

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Blocked drains specialists

At Pure Plumbing Professionals, our blocked drain plumbers use the latest technology and best quality products available on the market. We have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of drainage and sewer systems. Our plumbers are fully licensed and qualified to tackle all blocked drain situations. Don’t risk a build-up of grease, hair, food or scum. Our Plumbers cover the northern suburbs of Sydney and will guarantee that your drainage system is clean, clear and fit for service.

Our blocked drains services include:

What if the blockage is not on my property?

A sewer choke or blocked drain can be cause by any number of factors, but the most common is a tree root or that someone has put something down the pipe that they shouldn't!

Sydney Water Sewer choke formA sewer choke may not always be in your private wastewater pipes, but instead might be in the public wastewater system. In this case Sydney Water are responsible to come and fix the blockage.

If we find the leak to be the responsibility of Sydney Water, then we'll call them and request they come out and fix the problem. You can be reimbursed in this case for any out of pocket expenses (like paying a licensed plumber to come out and inspect the drains). All you need to do is submit a sewer choke claim form to Sydney Water with a copy of the paid invoice.

Sydney Water Wastewater Blockage Claim Form Sydney Water Wastewater Blockage Claim Form (229 KB)

Drain inspection

We use the latest CCTV technology to get to the cause of your blocked drain. We can give you a detailed report with photos of the problem areas in the drain and a full-colour recording of the pipeline inspection. This means that we can recommend the best solution to rectify your drainage or pipeline problem.

Find out more about CCTV drain inspections.

Clearing drains with high-pressure water jetting

Drain Water JetterWe use the latest high-pressure water jetters to clear blocked sewers or stormwater drains. It is inserted into the sewer or stormwater pipe and blasts water down the line to clear whatever is causing the blockage. Water jetting is ideal for blocked sewer and stormwater drains, which have plenty of roots, rubbish, leaves, and mud.

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How do I prevent blocked drains?

In order to prevent the likelihood of a blocked drain, try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Use sink drain strainers.
  • Dispose of old oil, grease, and fat in the rubbish.
  • Keep your gutters and stormwater drains clear.


  • Don't flush wet wipes - any of them..
  • Don't ignore slow draining drains - this could be a sign that the drain is slowly clogging up.
  • Don't treat your drains and toilet like a bin.
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​What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the process of repairing a cracked, broken, or crushed pipe or drain by placing a strong inner lining inside the old pipe without having to dig the pipe up. This no digging drain repair procedure provides a practical solution for drains located in hard to access areas such as under a concrete slab, driveway, or landscaping, as well as any other established structures.

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Are wet wipes OK to flush?

No, nope, nada, never. Don't do it. If you're reading this on the toilet, save your drains DON'T FLUSH. Wet wipes are a huge problem for homeowners and councils across the country, and around the world. They don't break down in the sewage system like toilet paper does and are a major contributor of blocked drains.

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