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CCTV Pipe Inspection

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Our team offers a comprehensive CCTV drain inspection service throughout Sydney and suburbs. If your property suffers from recurring blocked drains, water leaks, or stormwater issues a drain inspection can quickly uncover the reason these problems keep developing.

Our CCTV drain camera provides a clear record of the health of the pipes allowing for targeted repairs to prevent further issues.

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Advanced CCTV drain camera technology

The plumbing inspection is carried out with the latest in CCTV camera technology. Our drain cameras are fitted with a high powered sonde, which when used in conjunction with locators, allow our drainage specialists to pinpoint any locations needing repairs or further inspection. The camera fitted with a pan and tilt capability which gives us the ability to closely inspect any cracks, breaks or blockages on even the largest of drainage networks.

Once the survey is complete our plumbing team will provide a detailed report on any problem areas uncovered during the inspection, plus supply you with a full-colour video recording of the drain or sewer for your records.

Through expert analysis of the video we can recommend specific drain repairs, pipe relining or patching, and the best way to carry out any work to minimise disruption to your home or business.

CCTV Drain Inspection Sydney
Find out what's blocking your drains

Complete sewer inspection service

Ageing sewer pipes can be susceptible to a huge range of issues a comprehensive sewer inspection can uncover:

  • cracks or breaks in the pipe
  • tree root intrusion
  • debris build-up
  • obstructions within the pipe
  • crushed or collapsed areas
  • pipe movement around joins
  • blockages - full or partial
  • old or faulty pipe relining
  • burst water mains

All of these issues can result in blocked drains, backed up toilets, slow draining showers, and bad odours.

A complete sewer inspection will accurately locate breaks, blockages or faults avoiding the need to dig up large sections of pipe to find problems, saving time and keeping drain repair costs to a minimum.

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