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What to do when gas leaks in your house?

If you suspect you have a gas leak in or around your house, immediately:

  • Shut off all gas appliances in the home including all pilot lights.
  • Turn off the gas mains valve or close the valve on the gas cylinder.
  • Open all the doors and windows if the leak is inside and allow fresh air into the house. Opening doors is essential if you have LPG gas as it is heavier than air and will pool at floor level. Natural gas is lighter than air so will rise to the highest point, making opening windows crucial.
  • Stay clear of the leak is if it’s outside.
  • Don't use matches, lighters, or any naked flame or electrical appliance in the area of the leak.

Who can fix a gas leak?

A gas leak must be repaired by a licenced gas fitter or gas plumber to ensure the safe operation of the appliance or fitting, the safety of everyone using the building, and to adhere to insurance requirements.


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Report a gas leak

If the gas leak is in the main gas line connecting your meter to the natural gas supply on the street or at the meter itself, move well away and contact your Sydney gas supplier immediately.

  • Australian Gas Networks - Gas leaks and emergency services - 1800 427 532
  • Jemena - Faults and emergencies - 131 909

If the leak is inside your home or in the gas pipe from the gas meter to your home, disconnect the gas supply at the main switch and contact a licenced gas fitteror gas plumber immediately.

More information - Who to contact if you suspect a gas leak

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