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Gas Repairs

Repairs to gas appliances, pipes, and fittings

Pure Plumbing Professionals offer expert gas repairs for a range of gas appliances, hot water systems, heaters, fittings, and pipes to ensure the safety of your home and maximise the efficiency of your gas systems.

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Gas appliance repairs

Keep your family and home safe by attending to faulty gas appliances promptly. Our experienced gas fitters offer repairs for a range of gas appliances:

Regular servicing is important to maintain the safety, maximise efficiency, and extend the life of gas equipment. Our gas fitting team recommend annual servicing to keep the appliance in top condition to prevent gas leaks and reduce excess costs due to inefficient combustion.

Maintenance may combine tasks such as:

  • clearing air filters
  • testing hose and connections for leaks
  • cleaning burners
  • inspecting regulators
  • testing gas pressure
  • checking or replacing the sacrificial anode (storage hot water systems)
  • assessing pressure relief valves

Gas hot water repairs

Gas hot water systems can experience issues from time to time, most of which are easily repaired. Don't put up with any more cold showers, if your hot water heater is suffering from any of the issues below give our gas fitters a call.

  • thermostat issues - temperature fluctuations, water always too hot or too cold
  • running out of hot water frequently even though demand is the same
  • pilot light won't light or keeps going out
  • water constantly leaking from the pressure release valve
  • water leaking from other parts of the hot water system
  • dirty or rust coloured water
  • slow recovery time - the system takes a long time to reheat
  • the hot water heater is making unusual sounds

Gas compliance certificate

All relevant gas repair or installation carried out by our licenced gas fitters will receive a Certificate of Compliance or Inspection in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Emergency gas repairs

Gas leaks or problems with gas appliances can happen at any time of the day or night and need to be fixed quickly which is why we offer an emergency gas repair service. Our licenced gas fitters are on call 24/7 to attend to your urgent after hours gas issues. Just call 9191 7374.

Professional gas repairs

Contact Pure Plumbing Professionals for reliable gas repairs to gas hot water systems, heaters, appliances, fittings, and pipes on 9191 7374 or complete our service request form today.

*Conditions apply, speak to our friendly team for details.

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