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Hiring A Plumber

Do I really need to hire a Plumber?

The short answer to this question is yes, you really do need to hire a plumber. With the plethora of information on the internet these days about DIY projects, people are generally taking the ‘I will complete this task from a Youtube video’ stance to fix their household repairs and complete installations. Now, some basic actions like fixing a leaking tap do not require plumber intervention, however most other plumbing works require a qualified professional to ensure your safety and the appropriate completion of the job. These professionals have been training for many years to complete the tasks that they are employed to do, a lot longer than that 10 minute ‘How to unblock a drain’ video on Youtube.

When do I need to hire a Plumber?

Circumstances in which you should hire a plumber include, but are not limited to :

If you are unsure, it is always safer to bring in the professionals to complete the job properly. Tasks like replacing a broken washer when a tap is leaking or changing a showerhead can be done yourself if you know how, however more harm than good can result if you attempt DIY without the proper tools or trade understanding. If in doubt, call a plumber!


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Why do I need to hire a Plumber?

You may be thinking, ‘Oh, but I can easily fix my leaking toilet myself’ and you may be correct, but the likelihood of something unfortunate occurring is a lot higher than if you bring in a plumbing professional. The other reasons you should definitely hire a plumber are :


When you are doing repairs on your home, it is really important to ensure that the repairs aren’t affecting your home insurance. Any repairs, installations or maintenance to your home should be checked against the fine print of your claim and, if you are unsure in any way, just hire a licensed professional to do the job and provide appropriate documentation that a skilled tradesman has completed the job. Most policies need a qualified professional to carry out works around your home, including installation, repairs and maintenance on household fixtures and appliances, and if anything goes awry and you need to claim, you will likely require written evidence that a professional has completed the works.

Trade Knowledge

When it comes to repairs and installation, trade knowledge can make a huge difference in the quality and time it takes to complete a job. Remember, qualified professionals have years of experience and knowledge which can not be replaced by an online video or tutorial!

Proper tools

A qualified professional will have the proper tools to complete the task quicker and more efficiently than most DIY projects. Incorrect tools can do more harm than good and can also ruin your tools if you use them incorrectly, costing you even more money than the repair alone. A skilled tradesman will also have the correct protection gear to complete the job safely, which is a huge bonus when it comes to household repairs and installation.

Legal Requirements

Always check your local and state regulations before you attempt to complete any plumbing works to your home. Generally, changing a washer to repair a leaking tap is a suitable DIY project for most people that doesn’t involve breaking of the laws or regulations. However, many other repairs are regulated and you need to educate yourself before commencing any works. We highly recommend giving your local plumber a call to discuss your plans, to ensure your actions won’t fall on the wrong side of the law. A lot of the time, it is more appropriate to engage a professional who has the correct qualifications and licenses to complete the work and, where necessary, provide the appropriate certificates of compliance.


Lastly, hiring a professional can help in the long term. If a job is completed properly the first time, this decreases the likelihood of issues in the future due to incomplete or incorrect DIYs. This also saves you money and time in the long term, which are added benefits to a well completed job!

If you are still unsure, feel free to give us a call on (02) 8188 5339 to discuss your plumbing needs or complete an online booking form.

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    Services: Blocked Drains

    Just a note to acknowledge the amazing service provided to us recently by Jeremy and his team. Following on from the unfortunate experience of a blocked sewerage pipe we were informed by another company that we required a boundary trap replacement and, accordingly, were provided with a quote of i...

  • Graeme jones from
    Services: Blocked Drains, Services: Emergency Plumber

    Was not having a Good Friday with a seriously blocked drain problem. Called Pure Plumbing and extremely pleased with the service provided. In the first instance the public holiday call out fee was much more reasonable than others we had called. The plumber arrived within an hour - and even called...

  • Greg hill from
    Services: Plumber, Services: Hot Water

    Thank you for your fast service fixing our leaking shower taps.

  • Gregg from
    Services: Plumber, Services: Hot Water

    Perfect. Thank you once again for all of your great work. The attention to details and quality of craftsmanship shows in your work. I’m truly grateful that you guys are my plumbing team.

  • Heather from
    Services: Plumber

    Hi Jerram A massive thank you for sending Michael to fix our toilet and main bathroom taps - it is a huge change to have working plumbing!!! Can’t thank you guys enough. Have a great day Heather 😊

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