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Pipe patching or pipe relining?

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 Pipe patching or pipe relining?

Pipe damage can often be a difficult and expensive issue that leads to more and more problems. People often try to repairs by investing in cheap temporary fixes like just clearing the drain again and again. Modern technology has introduced the option of resin-based solutions to fix damaged pipes that are difficult to get to. This revolutionary method can be done by the pipe relining or pipe patching method.

Pipe Relining or Pipe Patching

What is pipe patching and pipe relining?

Pipe patching targets smaller damaged areas in a pipe. The resin solution is installed only on the affected areas in a pipe, which shortens the repair time. As only enough resin for each harmed area in the pipe is needed, the cost of the pipe patch repair method will be reduced. As some areas of the old pipe will be left without the new resin liner, they may be at risk of being damaged in the future. This can cause future drainage problems.

To fix a pipe using the relining method, a section of liner is cured inside the damaged pipe with a special resin solution which hardens along the pipe. Over time the resin solidifies to the shape of the existing pipe. This makes the inside across the entire pipe completely smooth, filling any pre-existing cracks or bumps. A smooth inside will prevent build-ups and blockages in pipes.

Also, relining plumbing pipes entirely makes a pipe just as strong or stronger than when it was brand new. Although it may cost more initially, inversion pipe relining will avoid any future damage and expenses.

Blocked drain

When should I invest in relining or patch pipe repair?

There are a number of times where resin-based pipe repair is a necessary solution for many common household problems. Some of these may include,

  • Blocked drains
  • Pipe leaks
  • Small leaks
  • Chipped pipes
  • Tree root related problems

These issues are found with the use of small CCTV cameras that are placed in the pipes, which spot any damaged areas.

Relining for damaged pipes is great for domestic, commercial, and industrial pipe work. This method is suitable for a range of pipe types such as,

  • Sewer pipes
  • Stormwater pipes
  • Septic pipes
  • Chemical pipes

Patching or relining which is right for your drain repair?

Pipe patching is ideal for smaller areas of damaged drains as it is very strong with increased structural integrity compared to pipe relining products.

Pipe relining is suited to longer lengths of cracked, leaking or broken drains. It is durable and can mould with pipe bends and joints without issue.

Speak to your drainage plumber for specific advice on which drain repair method is right for your property.


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