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Why is there no hot water?

A sudden stop in the supply of hot water to your home can be very distressing. There could be a large number of reasons that your hot water system not delivering hot water to your taps.

Common causes of no hot water

Some common causes of no hot water in homes and businesses include:

Loss of power

If you have a gas hot water system, either instant or storage, check the gas supply. Is it still on? Do you have other gas appliances like a cooktop, are they working? Is your gas meter ticking over? If yes you have a gas supply and the fault can be with the appliance.

Electric hot water systems are usually fitted to a dedicated circuit. Check the fuse, circuit breaker, or safety switch has not tripped on that circuit. Is there power to the rest of the house?


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Excessive hot water use

Some days we just use more hot water than others. Whether it's an extra few loads of washing or longer showers on a cold winters day, demand for water heating in your home can fluctuate, occasionally outstripping supply. This is a common issue in homes with an off-peak storage hot water setup. 

System faults

Hot water systems get used at least several times a day in most households or businesses. Over years of use, parts can wear and faults can occur. Routine hot water system servicing and maintenance can help prevent breakdowns, catch issues before they become big problems, and allow hot water repairs to be carried out at a time convenient to you.

Who do I call if I have no hot water?

A plumber, an electrician, or a gas fitter?

Unless you are really sure it is an electrical or gas problem your first point of contact should be your plumber. They will be able to diagnose the issue and recommend a course of action. Many plumbers are licenced to carry out gas fitting which means they'll be able to carry out any gas related repairs as well.

If any electrical work is required your plumber can advise.

Get help with hot water fast

Contact your plumber to check over the hot water heater for faults and repairs as soon as possible. If it is after hours or on the weekend contact an emergency plumber.



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