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​What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the process of repairing a cracked, broken, or crushed pipe or drain by placing a strong inner lining inside the old pipe without having to dig the pipe up. This no digging drain repair procedure provides a practical solution for drains located in hard to access areas such as under a concrete slab, driveway, or landscaping, as well as any other established structures.

In many cases, no dig pipe relining can be carried out in a day, removing the requirement for extensive, time consuming, and often expensive, excavation works which can take up to a week or more depending on the location of the pipe.

Trenchless pipe relining

Damaged or broken pipes can create ongoing problems for homeowners and businesses. Issues such as repeated blocked drains, smelly plumbing, flooding or backed-up sewage or stormwater can recur resulting in frequent visits by the plumber.

The first big problem is finding out what is going on in the drains buried under the ground?

There are two options:

  • Dig up the section of pipe to inspect the trouble area or
  • Use a specially designed drain camera to identify where the issue is and what is causing the problems.

Your plumber will probably suggest the drain camera as it’s quick, cost effective and can give them a clear idea of the repairs needed.

Once the issue has been identified and the need for pipe repairs decided on pipe relining can be carried out promptly to provide a permanent solution to the ongoing issues.

Benefits of pipe relining

Pipe relining has many benefits, it's:

  • Cost effective - in most cases relining a pipe in a hard to reach location is cheaper than excavating and replacing the section of pipe.
  • Strong - the new pipe lining creates a tough, durable surface inside the old pipe.
  • Long lasting - many pipe relining products are designed to last more than 50 years.
  • Permanent solution - the new liner provides a smooth surface removing the risk of debris catching as it passes and creating clogs. It also seals the pipe stopping tree roots from working their way into the ample source of water and nutrients within the pipe, eventually blocking it completely.
  • Minimal disruption - as pipe relining can often be carried out from current access points, or if needed a small hole, minimal or no digging is required reducing the disruption to your home or business.

The pipe relining process

The first step your drain specialist will carry out is to locate and inspect the damaged area using a specially designed CCTV drain camera. This provides and clear picture of the problems as well as giving your technician an idea of the size of the new pipe lining needed to fix the issue.

From there, any drain clearing will be carried out to ensure the new lining has a smooth surface to adhere to.

Once the problem section is located and cleared of any debris or obstructions your drain specialist will:

  • Measure and cut the liner to the required length.
  • Prepare the liner - which often involves impregnating it with a hard drying resin.
  • The pipe lining is then placed onto a drum or packer which is fed along the pipe to the required position.
  • The drum or packer is inflated expanding the pipe liner to fit the drain, sealing the crack, break, or hole in the drain.
  • The liner is then cured until it is set, becoming very hard and creating a new smooth inner pipe inside the damaged section.
  • The drum or packer is removed and the finished liner inspected using a drain camera to ensure it is securely in place.

Your local pipe relining specialist

If your plumber does not offer pipe relining (it requires some specialist equipment) they will usually either contract a company to carry it out or be able to refer you to a reputable local pipe relining service.



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