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All the answers to your hot water questions.

  • Do I need to arrange an electrician for a hot water system installation?

    It will depend on the style of hot water system being installed, as well as if the new system is a different style from the existing one.

    Speak to your installation plumber for specific advice relating to your hot water system.

  • Do I need to call an electrician or a plumber for electric hot water heater problems?

    It depends on the issue, if the hot water system has blown or tripped at the fuse or circuit breaker, or if water is coming through the hot tap but it is only luke warm, the problem could be electrical, speak to a licenced electrician.

    For most other issues such as leaks, no water, water discolouration, contact your plumber. Let them know what's going on with the system when you book the job and they'll be able to provide specific advice on the tradespeople needed to complete the work.

  • Do I need to drain my storage hot water system?

    Rheem recommends that your plumber drains the hot water tank during the major 5-year service if you live in an area with high water sediment or hard water.

    However, for specific advice on your style and brand of heater consult the manufacturers manual or speak to your hot water plumber who will also be able to provide local guidance on the water quality in your area.

  • How often does the hot water system need servicing?

    Our plumbers recommend annual hot water system maintenance to ensure the system remains reliable all year round.

    Find out more - How often does my hot water system need servicing?

  • What temperature should my hot water be?

    For the safety of your family and anyone using your home, it is recommended that the hot water system deliver water to the bathroom, shower, and kitchen at 50°C.

    However, to prevent harmful bacteria growth, such as Legionella, storage hot water systems need to store the water at or above 60°C.

    Is your hot water too hot? Too cold? Speak to our Sydney plumbers about testing and adjusting the temperature of your hot water system.

  • What temperature should the hot water system be set at?

    A storage hot water system should store the water in the tank at or above 60°C to inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.

    However, the water being delivered to the taps in your home, especially those in the bathroom, should be at or below 50°C to prevent scalding accidents, a tempering valve is used to achieve this.

    Instant hot water systems can be set at 50°C.

    For more information -TMV vs tempering valve. What are they and why do we need them?

  • Who do I call if I have no hot water?

    A plumber, an electrician, or a gas fitter?

    Your first point of contact should be your plumber. They will be able to find the issue with the hot water system and are often licenced to carry out gas fitting as well. If any electrical work is required your plumber can advise.


  • Why is there no hot water?

    A sudden stop in the supply of hot water to your home can be very distressing. There could be a large number of reasons that your hot water system not working.

    Loss of power?

    • If you have a gas hot water system has the gas run out or stopped?
    • If you have an electric hot water system is the power on or has the circuit breaker or safety switch tripped?

    Contact your plumber to check over the hot water heater for faults and repairs as soon as possible. If it is after hours or on the weekend contact an emergency plumber.

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